1. jayc7176's Avatar
    i tried to verginize my phone .. and then restore it back to 1.0.2

    but now it says
    Insert an unlocked and valid sim to activate iphone

    i have no idea whats going on ...

    i checked the modem firmware it is on 03.14.08_G which means it is still on 1.0.2

    Can Anyone please help me .. to get it to activate the phone is prolly unlocked i think since the modem firmware is 3.14.08_G??

    please help ..out
    2007-12-11 11:06 AM
  2. alectra82's Avatar
    I did this the first time the other day. I just used independence to deactivate it. Then itunes would not recognize my phone, so I docked my phone and put it into restore mode. itunes recognized it, and I held "option" on my keypad while i clicked the restore option. It then asked me what firmware I wanted to restore to, I picked the 1.1.1 firmware on my desktop(downloaded from the downloads section of this site). It installed the 1.1.1 firmware. Phone was not activated, so I used the "out of the box" guide to unlock and install appsnapp. You know,,, the emergency dial guide. Then I used anysim to unlock. Hope this helps.
    2007-12-11 11:39 AM