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    OOB iphone v. 1.1.2 with the latest bootloader has been successfully unlocked! Yes! and believe it or not I saw it myself. The tech guy here in cebu wont disclose any info on how he does it. He's earning much because of this for 4k per unit. So far he was able to unlock 25 units.

    According to him, the security system of the iphone is the same with the old and new ones. The bootloader does not matter. The activation can be disabled and phone can be unlocked if you know how to locate those security files and remove it.

    This guy knows much. He even told me that he can bypass activation without using a computer and no internet connection needed.

    Anyone have an idea about this? Im sure there are also hackers there in manila that can do the same. Share naman.

    i wish its true
    and also this

    According to BigBuckz from Hackint0sh forums, the procedure from the last post works! If anyone knows of a way to improve them please post it in a comment. Also I just wanted to point out if it wasnít clear before, the software only communicates on a serial port.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Unlock 1.1.2 iPhone - Bootloader 4.6 - SonicSim Card 1.0[/ame]
    2007-12-12 04:20 PM