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    Hello This is my firts post, this community its great and help me so much, so I want to share something too

    I have a Blog and I make this Tutorial about how to upload images from iPhone to Picasa web Albums.

    The Tutorial is in Spanish but we make a translation to English with Google, I hope you enjoy it.

    The tutorial in English itīs here:
    How to upload images from iPhone to Picasa

    The tutorial in Spanish itīs here:
    Como Subir imagenes del iPhone a Picasa

    English Version
    2007-12-12 11:22 PM
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    I had to load the Spanish page first for the images to display in the translated page.

    But it all worked out! I may stop using flickr for my pictures now!
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    3g QuickPWN'ed with 2.1
    2007-12-13 12:17 AM