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  1. pcuserforever's Avatar
    I'm having an issue with email pictures not coming through. I have not been getting pictures that people are sending me. Is there a limit to the picture sizes? I keep getting the blue question mark, even though they are just jpegs. Some are even coming from another iphone. I have a yahoo email account that i set up the day i got the iphone, could that have something to do with it?
    2007-08-09 09:20 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I doubt it, have you tried receiving them on a different email acct through the iPhone though, just to be sure?

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    2007-08-09 10:50 PM
  3. pcuserforever's Avatar
    thanks for the advice. It still seems a little intermittent. Seems to be happening on edge. Maybe you need to stay in the inbox screen until the pic downloads?
    2007-08-10 05:27 PM