1. lifeorde4th's Avatar
    Hello. I downloaded some stuff from installer and it froze my phone. I tried to hold home and the power button down to do a restore and the apple logo came up. The apple logo stays up for about 20 seconds and then the screen turns black for a few seconds, then the apple logo returns to the screen for another 20 seconds. It keeps repeating this process forever. Itunes wont communicate with it and i have no idea what to do. Can anyone help?

    Should i just try and get a new iphone from Apple? This is already my 3rd iphone, so im sure their not gonna be too happy if i need another one...lol
    2008-07-01 09:30 PM
  2. mindxpert's Avatar
    No, dont send to Apple, its a software problem. here are the steps
    1-set the phone to DFU mode ( hold both home and wake button until the screen turns blank, then let go the wake button and keep just the home button , then iTunes will prompt asking for restore.
    2-U must have downloaded the firmware u will use and then open iTunes and press shift-restore
    3-iPhone will restore and will be turned one , then if u are AT&T u may just use a program (iLiberty or Pwnage, dont use ZiPhone) just to jailbreak , if u are not AT&T then u can jailbreak activate and unlock the iPhone.

    This is it
    Plz reply if it worked.
    Sry for my english...
    2008-07-02 09:59 AM
  3. brettw02's Avatar
    I have the same problems as well, but on top of it all my home/back button does not work; meaning no DFU mode. I cannot connect to iTunes, charge, etc.

    Sometimes the phone restarts and makes it through pass the apple logo (not very often) then displays the "Connect to iTunes" logo. But still is not detected.

    Any other ideas?

    And i have found random answers to my nextr questions but want to know if anyone has experienced this;
    If I send my iPhone in for warranty and they can see that installer is installed on it, is it covered under warranty?
    If not is there any way to remove the installer apps when my iPhone is not detected by any computer?

    Thanks in advance///
    2008-07-16 07:56 AM
  4. y0ungSir's Avatar
    This is the EXACT same problem I'm having now. I got iTunes to recognize it, but since I have t-mobile I need to use Ziphone or iLiberty to Jailbreak/Activate it.
    2008-07-16 11:59 AM