1. thundernuts27's Avatar
    Hello,I recently Jailbreaked my iPhone, and I added only a few simple apps like springboard. I'm happy with only these few apps, because my instinct told me that if I put games and such on my iPhone my battery life WOULD not last near as long as normal. But, heres the problem: Even without these apps, my iPhone battery life isnt lasting longer than 6-7 hours. This is odd, because before I freed my iPhone the battery life was 12-14+....Any ideas/suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,
    2007-12-18 03:54 PM
  2. Eurisko's Avatar
    Typically with the new jailbreaking methods, SSH can also be automatically installed. Have you checked if the SSH daemon is running?
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    2007-12-18 04:02 PM
  3. thundernuts27's Avatar
    SHH is,infact running.
    2007-12-18 04:03 PM
  4. Eurisko's Avatar
    SHH is,infact running.
    There you go, that's your source. SSH is always "listening" for a connection and uses up your battery life like a pig to a troff. Turn it off when not in use. You can use NetServices.app or iToggle.app to do that. Even UIctl if you want to do it manually.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-12-18 05:17 PM
  5. thundernuts27's Avatar
    Ahhh okay!I'll give that a try,test it all day long,and than I'll report back here! Thanks
    2007-12-18 05:33 PM