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    Hey I just bought an unlocked 1.1.2 iPhone from eBay that is post week 48. I paid $457 USD for it and it's coming from Boston in the US.

    I have a couple of questions. The package comes with the Hyper Card sim. Once I snip the tip off my sim can I still re-use my sim in another phone? ie V3x?

    I extensively modded/hacked/flashed my Motorola K1 and V3X phones. I am looking forward to starting and learning with this new item! I have already converted a number of full length movies to MPEG4 ready to transfer.

    What programs do I need to read the phone files, transfer files and generally mod the iPhone? I still have programs like RSD lite, Motokup, p2ktools etc from the moto-modding days. What are base starting programs to use and what do they do?

    I am learning more and more everyday with specific searches.


    Also, I have a weird question..

    To access the internet do I have to go through my provider?

    Or can I connect to my family's wireless internet network and go from there without attracting online charges from my provider/phone company?

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