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  1. swehbe's Avatar
    hi guys,
    my iphone fell from my hand and hit the ground, home botton and connector stopped working , i tried restarting it but it is now stuck on the apple logo and restarts by itself evey 3 to 4 minutes....i cant restore or anything (connector not working) and i cant put it in recovery mode (home button doesnt work, i can press it normally but nothing happes)...the biggest problem is that i bought my iphone in the states and am now currently in switzerland so i cannot send it to apple.......if anyone has an idea plzzzzzzz help......

    PS: i really appreciate your reply!
    2008-07-06 01:51 AM
  2. DoerrFan's Avatar
    Eek man, no apple you can try to replace the parts yourself i guess, or get a new one.
    Sorry for your loss
    2008-07-06 02:11 AM

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