1. mudassar007's Avatar
    This is my first thread to this forum and I am very hopeful that I will get help&support from you ppl.
    My problem is this that when I open native map application on iphone it works well, I can move within map an explore it. It works good as long as I have not tried to type any thing or even try to open any contact's address. On typing my iphone freeze at same letter that I have to try to write and I have to force restart iphone (by pressing home+sleep/wake buttons)
    I think it is happening from the day I have installed offline map app from installer but now i have uninstalled offline maps and even navizon gps app.
    But the problem is still there. Locate me app is working fine. Please help me to get out from this problem.

    There is one more issue with this is that I am also experiencing syncing problem from couples of days that when I try to syncing itunes show message " Syncing Mudassar's Iphone" and latter iphone and itune both freeze and iphone automatically restarts.

    Thanks in advace.
    2008-07-08 08:59 AM
  2. chriscoyne's Avatar
    Go to settings and turn off auto brightness, Accounts for alot of freezing.
    2008-07-08 08:21 PM