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    HI, this is my first post, and I am a complete newb/novice with zero knowledge about the iphone.
    I would like to know, is there a newb section? or newb posts? stickies? I would be really greatful of any advice or direction. As I said, I am a total newb to the iPhone, I live in the UK and only bought my pre-hacked iPhone last Tuesday!
    So far, I have used about 0.001% of this things capabilites after checking out some of the amazing things that you guys have done! I honestly had no idea the iPhone was so 'editable'. Crazy.
    I could do with step by step information about what the iPhone can do (not Apple user guide stuff, I mean editability stuff), so I can get a feel for what the phone is capable of.
    Things like, explainations as to what each type of mod is, how it is done and what applications are required in order to achieve the specific mod.
    I have checked out the 'user guides' section to this website, but there is a lot of jargon in there and an assumption of fairly high user ability (in comparisson to my abilities) and I just don't understand.

    Basically, where can I learn this stuff?

    Thanks to all for any input.

    2007-12-22 11:27 AM
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    just read the past post's...
    all the topics, or go to the wiki section... (at the top of the page, W Guides)
    2007-12-22 11:34 AM
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    I don't know.. Im just struggling to understand all this.

    I wanted to start on something relatively simple, like adding custom ringtones.
    The 'Modding your iPhone for Windows 102' guide states:
    "1. Start iphoneinterface."

    where can I download this?

    My phone is a UK bought 1.1.2 firmware from the store model, and is hacked/jailbroken (as far as I know) as I am using my original simcard and contract. So I am assuming that it is jailbroken. Is that correct?

    I need to find the download for the correct IPHUC I need to run on windows xp for a 1.1.2 firmware phone?

    2007-12-22 12:35 PM
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    a easy way to find what u want, just put on the search bar at the top whatever u want, n it will give all relative posts of what u put on the search bar... like u said to "add custom ringtones". besides u can use ibrickr for this, u can go to http://cre.ations.net/creation/ibrickr n there u can download it and also watch videos that shows how to use it (with this program u can intall app and also ringtones. its very easy)

    For the iphoneinterface, its for like, more advanced users, not pro's, but just wait until u learn more to how use that, cuz that is for mod the files to ur phone n stuff, n if u screw something... no better if u wait until u learn more about those things...

    well yeah if ur using another simcard out of the company that realeased the iphone, yeah, ur jailbreaked...

    for the 1.1.2, or whatever other firmware, u can use xp or vista...

    i hope this help u...

    maybe this can help too
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    2007-12-22 01:41 PM