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    Ok I have read as many forms as I could but I can't seem to find one that fixes my problem. First off, I have jailbroken my iphone, I have installer, Summer Board, Customize 2.0, SSH, and I am running 1.1.4. Ok I download some lock screen back grounds from this web sight and I put them on my phone through SSH and cyberduck. But when I activate them through customize they come on my lock screen and my home screen. I what to have a pic from my photos on my home screen. When I set to wall paper from photos it changes my home screen and my lock screen! Also when I go to lock screen in customize and change it there it changes both home and lock screen, but then I can not add anything to my home screen unless I go and delete it through var/moble/library. So all that to say I want a theme on my lock screen and a pic on my home screen. How do I do that. Oh and I have figured out how to have different Themes on my home screen but I cant get a pic on it with out it being on my lock screen too. Thank you so much for you help, I hope this made sense.
    2008-07-10 05:29 PM
  2. doomi's Avatar
    You can SSH into the the phone and place the wallpaper you want for your homescreen in the folder for the theme you are using. Name it Wallpaper.png, and select "use theme wallpaper" in your SMB options.
    2008-07-10 06:19 PM