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  1. thats_10kid's Avatar
    Well my phone fell out of my pocket and into a recliner and i went to recline the chair and it smashed the phone in but didnt hurt the screen thankfully...but the sleep wake/power button is stuck down..i have taken the backing of the phone off and i cant pop it out..all the phone does is restart itself over and over again unless its pluged i was wondering if anyone has any advice and maybe is there a way to cut the power button wire so it wont do that...because it dosent work anyway...
    Thank you so much for the input!!
    2008-07-11 05:32 PM
  2. brant8624's Avatar
    that happened to my girlfriends iphone about 2 weeks ago. all i did was take a needle n stuck in the crack by the button n pried out on it. i wasn't able to get it all the way out, but it stopped it from restarting itself over n over. the button still works but u cant push it in, i just touch it with a little pressure n it works fine. i scratched up pretty bad but didn't care to much bc she wants the white 3g.
    2008-07-11 07:05 PM
  3. rstuvwxyz's Avatar
    my co-worker had the exact problem....unless you are like me and got it on the day it was released u should have no problem having apple swap it out for you.
    2008-07-11 07:17 PM
  4. thats_10kid's Avatar
    ok thanks i am gonna try to push it out ad stick somthing there so i cant push it back down
    2008-07-11 10:09 PM

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