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    Well, I got my iPhone 3G today, and there are a couple of things that seem a little bit strange. I wanted to see if anybody else has these problems, or if I should take the damn thing back!

    1) The silence button is slightly loose. When the phone is on regular mode, the silence button sits snuggly, and does not move around. When the switch is toggled down and silent mode is on, the button seems slightly loose, and can be wiggled a little bit. if I shake the phone when silent mode is on, there is quite an obvious rattle coming from this button.

    2) Also related to the vibrate function. When I first toggled the silence switch, the vibrating motor sounded a little weird... hard to describe how it sounded, kind of lower pitched, like it wasn't spinning as fast as it should have been. This seems to have worked itself out, and it sounds consistent. But I swear when the phone vibrates I can hear a slight rattle inside...

    Anybody else experiencing these problems? I want to return this thing ASAP if it's a lemon!!
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    2008-07-11 11:11 PM