1. witemouse's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm hoping to find a way other than using either the black button or the auto lock feature that can lock my screen right then and there. My iPhone took a nasty tumble today and now the black button that locks the screen is no longer working. And by that I mean it does nothing at all, it won't awake or sleep the phone.

    Therefor I am stuck trying to find an app or something I can use to lock the screen. I know I can wait the 1 minute for it to auto lock, but if I'm on the move I want to be able to lock it again and put it in my pocket without any worries. But of course since I have it modded and jailbroken and everything I can't go and get a warranty replacement.

    I need your help. Any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
    2007-12-28 06:12 PM
  2. kys's Avatar
    Well you could get a slip on cover/case and then put iphone in pocket.

    If you ever get the on/off switch working you can try virginizing the phone back to factory.

    Good Luck.
    2007-12-28 11:09 PM
  3. witemouse's Avatar
    One other thing, does anyone know of a Mac program that can turn on/off the iPhone? I've heard of a few that exist but I can't find any info. Obviously since the sleep/wake button is broken that means I can't turn my phone on or off so if it ever dies I just lost myself an iPhone
    2007-12-29 06:49 AM