1. burdell1's Avatar
    It looks like the black border is a little wider on the sides of the LCD on the iPhone 3g? or is that just an optical illusion (i don't own one yet, so i am just seeing this in photos.)
    2008-07-12 06:36 AM
  2. t3abags's Avatar
    Yes, I just remembered when I purchased the glare guard for my 2g iPhone package contained two glare guards, so I thought I will put the spare on my 3G Iphone, well when I did the screen is wider, now i have to purchase a 3G glare guard...
    8gb 2G iPhone 2.1 (Pwned)

    2008-07-12 06:53 AM
  3. Philbert's Avatar
    Well the 3G is a wider phone, but the screen is the same size, so yes the border would have to be wider.
    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-12 12:25 PM