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    OK. Now, I am sure there are hundreds of issues reported everywhere on this forum, but I couldn't find a central thread that I could post my complaint about. This is absolutely retarded. I updated my iPhone's firmware last night, which took about 1:00 hour -1:20 (go figure!)...Now the top line (the blue section), where you normally find "Back, Clear, "+," and various commands has stopped working for some of the apps. For instance, I can't get out off viewing a text message to go back to the main text message window... so I m stuck there.. In the new calculator program, on landscape mode, none of the buttons to the far left work. None of the commands in blue in apps downloaded from App Store work. Same for Safari.. For other programs, the top line command menu works just fine. I have restored the iphone back to the previous firmware, no luck there. reinstalled 2.0, no luck there... cold boot, no luck... soft shutdown, no dice... Oh, and btw, there's an a imprint like a smudge but brighter than the rest of the screen on the top right corner.. I am thinking the original update process took so long that it overheated the screen and burnt the top sensors?

    had to stand 40 minutes to get into an app store, once in, they told me you have to wait another hour, and you MIGHT get a chance to talk to somebody... frustrated, I scheduled an appt for tomorrow at a different store.. it's really amazing how for the sake of new iphone fans, the rest of us have to get screw%d! Has anybody else experienced a smiliar problem post update?

    I am surprised after one day, nobody had interest in commenting on this.. seems like nobody else had ANY update issues!!
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    2008-07-13 05:41 PM
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    Your issue seem pretty unique. The fact that it happened during the 3G launch weekend is just unfortunate. Either way it sounds like a hardware issue so you should most likely get a new phone.
    2008-07-13 06:03 PM
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    I read in another thread that someone complained that they had a bright shiny light in the top right of the screen after upgrading ...
    I think others commented that they to had this light.

    Might not be a hardware issue or only one.
    2008-07-13 11:25 PM