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    Ok, upgraded to 1.1.1 yesterday. Got a low space warning today so followed a couple of threads on how to fix it. All seems ok, except my pics and music vanished. Re-synced and loaded it all back (Though it took several tries because the new itunes kept crashing). Now...I have 1.01gb of songs. 267.1mb of video. 92.9mb of photos. And a whopping 1.48 gb of something mysterious. I know some of it is the operating system, but I have a suspicion that there are hidden duplicate music and video files on my phone still. I have 4.44gb of free space left. Yesterday, even after the 1.1.1 upgrade I had over 6gb left.

    Any idea what happened or what I can do. Is there a way to clean the phone to scratch (is this the same as virginizing?) and do it all over again?

    I have spent about 8 hours on the phone since yesterday morning.

    2008-01-03 08:59 PM
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    yeah mate. If you restore phone, hard restore hold power button and home button together for bout 20 sec, then let go off power connect too iTunes and it will put it in recovery mode, wiping all it memory. Do that mate then just jailbreak again. Piece of cake.
    2008-01-03 09:21 PM
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    Thanks man. Your name may be rustynuts, but it is my brain that feels corroded and useless after all this. lol.

    Thanks. I shall do this tomorrow.
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    2008-01-03 09:36 PM
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    lmao your welcome lol
    2008-01-03 09:41 PM