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    Maybe this has been identified before, but I couldn't find any info about it on Google...

    So, I just finished doing a data recovery operation on my iPhone to see if I could get back any of the photos that I lost when I bricked it a few days ago.
    If you want to see how to do this, check out my writeup here:

    After getting all of the data restored on my PC, I was looking through the JPG files that were recovered, and I noticed something really strange. Out of the 128 JPG files that were found, only 51 of them were photos that I had taken and/or saved to my iPhone. The rest were all screenshots of stuff I had been doing on the iPhone.

    It appears that when you open an application or visit a web page, the iPhone saves a screenshot automatically. I can't say if it does it every single time you do one of these things, but it appears to be doing it quite often, given the number of them that I discovered. I found images of my grocery list that I had saved in Notes, images of Xbox.com when I went to check my friends list, images of emails that I had sent from the Mail app, images of maps that I was looking at, etc. Isn't that weird? I can't think of any reason why Apple would need to save screenshots of everything you do on your iPhone.

    If any of you want to see this for yourself, just follow my instructions in the post that I linked to above. After using PhotoRec to recover the data, check out the JPG files that it found. It's a little unnerving...
    2008-07-17 11:49 PM