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    i had a nasty does of virtumonde malmare on my PC a few days ago, completely removed and now PC is clean.

    after cleaning, had to remove/reinstall itunes 7.5 as the "ituneshelper.exe" file had been infected. again, now all clean.

    tried to sync my iphone with Vista, and in device manager it just shows as "iphone" with an exclamation mark. ok, so uninstall device and let Vista find it again, nope, still the same.

    so tried reinstalling drivers, pointing to where the device driver is kept. fine. says device driver is installed, but when i go back to device manager its the same, no go...


    i found a system restore point that allows my iphone to sync with Vista (32bit) fine, shows up as an apple device etc, can transfer photos. i don't have itunes installed at this restore point, so i reinstall it. and then the problem comes back after install. ie, iphone wont install correctly in Vista.

    any ideas?

    thanks in advance..
    2008-01-04 11:20 AM
  2. BigBoss's Avatar
    By reinstalling the drivers, you mean you uninstalled iTunes entirely, rebooted, reinstalled iTunes? The drivers are included as part of the iTunes install. What is the error code by the exclamation in dev mgr. Is it just error 10 the device cannot start or? Does the device manager listing show which driver files are in use?
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    2008-01-04 11:58 AM
  3. simes6600's Avatar
    thanks BigBoss for the reply.

    one word in your reply reminded me of something i didn't do after i uninstalled itunes.


    i did this, then re-installed itunes, and its all fine once more.

    2008-01-04 02:59 PM