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    hey guys...kinda have a problem here

    i have no idea how this happened, but my celestial.framework was pretty much deleted...all thats left in that folder is the MaxVolume.plist one...everything else is gone...

    so if someone would be kind and send me their celestial.framework...it would be greatly appreciated...thanks

    EDIT: now this is gonna sound even weirder, but i restarted my phone and logged back into WinSCP....and all of the contents of the folder are back...wtf!?!?! everything seems to be fine...that was just really weird
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    2008-01-04 12:52 PM
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    Soooo, I don't have this folder at all under system-library-frameworks. But it still vibrates and all the sounds still work??

    Can someone please help me? Isn't because I have the newest update or something? I was trying to follow this guide, but the folder is completely missing!!!

    So I found it messing around! It has changed!

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