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  1. Tomer's Avatar
    I had a week 33 iPhone with AT&T and when I called people, i couldnt hear them and they couldnt hear me because teh static was very loud...
    now... i think i have an idea what it was but im sure, thats why im askingi t here...
    Could it be:
    1. modified the phone?
    2. charged it with an ipod cable and not the iphone's cable?
    (iPhone is 5v and iPod is 10v)

    now i have week 74 and its ok
    2008-01-05 02:56 AM
  2. MgNate's Avatar
    Wow that's weird.

    I doubt that it was the charger because it would probably only affect the battery if it affected anything.

    The speaker may have blown or maybe there was just a hardware problem?
    2008-01-05 03:01 AM
  3. Tomer's Avatar
    probably a hardware problem cuz the genius told me that the receiver and transimtter are probably broken...

    and i asked one of my friends what happens if u charge a device that supposed to be charged with a v charger but u charge it with v what happens..... :X i need to rephrase lol sorry
    he said that it will kill the battery faster and it will damage the device..
    thats why im asking, cuz i have my week 74 iphone for a month+ and i dont wanna jailbreak it
    2008-01-05 03:05 AM
  4. Luiso's Avatar

    My brand new 16Gb iPhone is producing static whenever I make or receive a call using the internal mic. At first I believed it was caused by a faulty speakerphone but I finally traced the problem to the internal mic. Anytime the mic is activated it produces static (for example, if I try to record using VoiceNotes all I get is white sound, but everything works OK if I use a handsfree).

    I don't know if this is caused by the microphone itself or if it is a more complicated hardware problem. I can't take the iPhone to a store because I'm in Costa Rica. I could try to exchange some parts of my previous 8Gb phone but I need some enlightment!!
    2008-03-10 01:03 AM