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    Hello friends, first of all excuse me for this Google traslation, i'm spanish:
    I have made the following steps to expand the memory of Applications:

    I use winSCP and SSH

    1 .- I go to the root and copy the Applications folder on my desktop.

    2 .- go to the folder "/ private / var / root /" folder and copy here Applications, which soon copied to the desktop

    3 .- clears the Applications folder to the root (and not the private/var/ root)

    4 .- go to the root and the right button creates a shortcut (small window with two fields, in the top "Applications" (without quotation marks) and the bottom "private / var / root / Applications "(without quotation marks) )

    5 .- restart the Iphone and should appear on the springboard filled with icons, as we had before (if it appears that go to step 6. If you see the screen iphone empty, and not for the springboard to resume , do this:

    5.1 .- (conect ssh and without shutting down the iphone) removes the link "Applications" we created in step 4.

    5.2 .- Applications copy the folder from the desktop to the root of the iphone (ie al reves as in step 1.

    5.3.-restart the Iphone and try again from the beginning.

    After restarting, the applications will not work. The SB if running but applications did not work. Thank God I can come by SSH and I noticed that although the application folder permissions have 0755, all the files inside the folder have permissions 0644. I have no idea how to solve. Has anyone idea how can I do?.
    I do not know if giving permits 0755 to all files from all folders can be fixed.

    Help Pleaseeeee !!!!!
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