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    Does iActivator require you to have a valid, working (non-activated) AT&T sim in the phone? I've managed to lock my AT&T sim (stupid, I know) and can't request a PUK as I'm in the UK and have only previously activated the phone via iActivator.

    I'm fine at the moment but I'm wondering if I'll be able to do a firmware upgrade/restore/deactivate/reactivate using iActivator if the AT&T sim is not present in the phone. I've removed the AT&T sim and can sync etc with no problems.

    Question remains: do I need the sim in the iPhone to use iActivator again should I need to? I can jailbreak but I'm not sure what happens if I deactivated and then tried to reactivate.



    I've checked with AT&T - they're happy to accept that I have a "damaged" sim, but will not send new sim cards abroad to unactivated accounts. No surprise, there.

    But anyone can walk into an AT&T store in the States, say they've damaged their sim, not have to have the orginal sim or the iPhone and they will sell a new, unactivated sim for the iPhone for $20 to $30.

    So all I need is to find someone in the States to do that for me! As I want to try the Turbo Sim method I'm going to have to get another AT&T sim.

    Can anyone help? I can PayPal a payment for the cost of the sim and postage.
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