1. Brandnew70x7's Avatar
    Would a Brillo/steel wool pad take care of them? Or is it just made to look like Brushed metal and it would get even more uglied up? I have so many tiny little nicks in my phone it really bugs me.
    2008-07-20 11:53 PM
  2. regzgz's Avatar
    I will also like to know the answer, I almost gave my Ihpone a "buff" with some polisher but I prefer to wait until somebody confirms that it will look ugly at the end; I think that I will look worse...
    2008-07-20 11:57 PM
  3. HomieG35's Avatar
    If you didn't care about the Apple apple on the back, or the "iPhone" with the serial number, etc. getting scratched off... you'd just have to find something to protect the camera with while doing it, as well as something to cover the battery cover, sleep/wake button, volume buttons, and the chrome lining... to make it a clean job...

    Best bet is to get fine sand paper, then go get some tape and a rattle can...
    2008-07-21 01:43 AM