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    Long time reader, new forum user.

    I've had my 1st Gen iPhone since about January, and have loved it since than. I got it because I wanted a new phone, and a nice internet connectivity device for in-between classes while on campus and such.

    My campus runs Bluesocket, which hasn't been an issue until recently, when they applied some patch of some sort, and it now does not recognize the iPhone as running an appropriate Mac OS! This has pretty much put the kibosh on my wifi, and no, I have no way of "sweet talking" the IT people here, because they don't work that way. Also they don't really leave their little cave.

    So my question comes down to this:
    Is there way, or could there be a way developed, to trick Bluesocket into thinking that my phone was just a Mac running Leopard 10.5?

    Any suggestions or comments (as long as they are helpful), would be greatly appreciated!



    (Btw, if you're not 100% familiar with Bluesocket, it scans Windows machines to make sure they have the latest patches/hotfixes/etc, and it scans Macs to make sure they are at least running the latest version. It is put in place to ensure that there are no holes in an outside computer that could possibly compromise the internal network)
    2008-07-21 07:55 PM
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    Anyone? I know people have looked at it.
    2008-07-25 09:11 AM
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    Anyone? I know people have looked at it.
    You might have to register your phones MAC address with the IT department. if you do get it working you might find this app handy...

    BlueSocket Authenticator for iPhone/iPod Touch
    2008-09-25 05:19 PM