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    I seemed to have gotten this to work on 1.14 but can't get it to work for me on 2.1. VIM can you help? When I load the file that used to work it freezes the Phonebook functions.

    ZIM (zw) -
    Land line +263 4 xxx-xxx Caller ID 04 xxx-xxx or xxx-xxx
    Land line +263 21 xxxx Caller ID 021 xxxx
    Mobile +263 11 xxx-xxx Caller ID 011-xxx-xxx
    Mobile +263 912 xxx-xxx Caller ID 0912 xxx-xxx
    Install "Caller ID FIX" from installer. It hopefully solves the problem
    2008-10-14 05:06 PM
  2. ravinsp's Avatar
    I'm from Sri Lanka (lk)
    iPhone 2.1 FW Unlocked/Jailbroken

    I've tried the CallerID Fix collection with no success. I tried manually editing files also but didn't work. It cannot detect contacts for SMS.

    Calls : 0XX XXXXXXX
    SMS : +94 XX XXXXXXX

    Can anybody please help me?
    2008-10-21 01:41 PM
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    Spent the best hours of the night trying to sort this out - tried so many things, but nothing worked til...now!

    Read so many threads about trying so many things, replacing files, installing apps etc etc, and i thought i'd try my own way!

    I figured that its merely to do with using a sim adaptor, as i don't have this problem otherwise, but if you're an iphone user that has this problem without the need for such adaptor, then give it a try!

    This hack involves replacing 2 files via sftp, either FileZilla or similar (just so that you're able to access your iphones hardrive to make ammendments).

    The files required to replace/ammend are:-


    Simply search for your country code within files (ie. mine was 'uk' so i used 'find' on a plist editor called 'pledit' and put in 'uk'). When this came up i altered the corresponding digits to '44' which is the international country code. I also changed/added to make an entry for code 001 which the required country title (mine being 'uk') and saved this for both files, in a plist format - just to make sure.

    Here is a clip:
    Note that the 001 is fixed along with YOUR country name, and in the 2nd line as above, just ensure YOUR country code corresponds to YOUR country name. I hope this is clear.

    Rebooted, and BOOM BOOM - sorted! No more number/contact separation, nice n tidy sms messages, no need to alter phonebook entries!

    I hope this helps anyone who needs it, and any feedback/development from my advice is always nice

    Also..files are attached as follows.

    Have a nice day/night
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    2008-11-17 02:06 PM
    Alguien tiene la medicina para el formato de numeros para
    el Firmware 2.2 ? Parché con el mismo archivo que edité para el
    Firmware 2.1 y no funciona.
    2008-11-24 03:46 AM
  5. ndelvalleg's Avatar
    Hola, estoy en las mismas que tu!, utilice el mismo archivo que utilizaba en 2.1 y no logre parcharlo. Lo bueno es que no murio. Pense que habian quiza solucionado el "detalle", restaure y no paso nada. Si encuentras algo te agradeceria que respondieras, si yo encuentro te mando el link. saludos.
    2008-11-25 03:13 AM
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