1. squish's Avatar
    Can anyone please help me?

    I have had an OOB 1.12 uk iphone since launch and it has been sitting pretty doing nothing for so long, I have done most of the unlock.

    Basically im at the stage where I need to go to installar but when I go it trys to refresh (as tweaks 1.1.1 isn't there) and it says I can't connect to safari.

    I have yet to see safari on this iphone. My wifi is connected though so I don't understand why safari is not working it says cannot find server.

    ;( ;( ;(

    Only 1 step left as I have a turbo sim type thing sat here to be used..i want to cry
    2008-01-11 04:12 AM
  2. deedeedee's Avatar
    go check the ip address in the iphone. the Wifi is connected but there is no ip #.
    2008-01-11 04:56 AM
  3. squish's Avatar
    Thanx deedeedee, I checked the settings and the ip address is in there and a subnet mask but no other info on that settings page (DHCP is blue and the off is blue) ;(
    When I check my computers router setting, 2 dif ip addresses are given and they don't match the one in my iphone ???...but I can't change the ip address in the iphone

    Any other suggestions please
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    2008-01-11 11:31 AM
  4. deedeedee's Avatar
    try to reboot your router. In iphone, There is a Forget this Network. press to disconnect then connect it back.There is a link show you how to fix it. I don't have my laptop here. I will post the link ASAP for you.
    2008-01-12 03:39 AM