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    I was wondering if anyone who is running 1.1.1 could do me a favor and help me satisfy my curiosity...

    Back when I had 1.1.1, I remember running "top" after I had recently played an mp3 and seeing that the mediaserverd process usually had 19 threads (or 14 when the MobileMusicPlayer process wasn't loaded). Now that I'm 1.1.2, it seems to have the same number of threads (14) regardless of whether the MobileMusicPlayer process is loaded or not...

    I am curious if this really is a change that came with 1.1.2, and whether it was a bug that has adverse effects for 1.1.1 users...battery drainage?

    If anyone wants to help, you can play an mp3, stop playing the song, and then run MobileTerminal or the vt one (both available on Installer), and type in the following at the prompt: "top -l1" (without the quotation marks). Then just check for the row with "mediaserve" on it, and look at the number in the #TH column. 14 is typical for me (15 if I'm currently using an audio program).

    2008-01-11 07:30 AM