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    ok so I work for a clinic and we have a little exchange server setup for emails only. We don't use the calendar portion of exchange yet. I tried setting this up when I was at work and it wouldn't setup correctly. My IT is a great guy but so incompetent. I fix all the computers myself and everyone calls me before they call him when their computers are not working correctly. We call him when we need his admin password. Anyway, so I asked him and he says I can't setup because this is an enternal server. I nodded my head and let him walk away. He doesn't know anything about my iPhone or it's integration with Exchange. So is he right? Will it not work? I think it will but I think I'm inputting the wrong info. So we deal with everything via outlook 2003. The only way I can see our server info is by deleting the exchange account and recreating it and copying that info to my iPhone. But it fails to find my server everytime. Since this is a small office we don't have like:
    [email protected]
    We have something like [email protected]. I will admit that I don't know a lot about networking so I don't know if this fits the requirement for an activesync server. Can someone help me out? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    2008-07-23 01:37 AM
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    This is the deal. He could be right. If the Exchange server is setup to ONLY allow access through the "internal" LAN (local area network), then only computers connected to the LAN could access it.

    Ask him if you can access your email at home through Outlook (you may already know), if you can....then you should be able to access it via the iphone. If you CANT, then no the iphone wouldnt work either.
    2008-07-23 01:44 AM
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    are you just trying to access the server when at work, or trying to access while at work and home?

    he might be right in the fact that some companies only set up exchange to work internally while others set them up to work internal and external.

    to access the server from the outside of the company network the admin director has to set up a few things to allow access from outside networks, but as i said before it depends on the companies choice

    as far as internal, i havent personally used exchange, but i do have a mail server of my own.

    if you know the ip address of the server, and its static, then just enter that as the server name and then enter the rest of ur credientials, and it might work. in your situation its a bit hard to give you exact advice because people set their networks up differently
    2008-07-23 01:51 AM
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    perhaps this will clear things up. i dont know if i can access my work email from home but i will see if i can. when we start up our computers we use remote desktop to connect to an outside "virtual machine". we call it Mysis. its for electronic medical records. So obviously it has a static IP cuz I am connecting to it every time I open the remote desktop connection app. after we log on to this virtual machine, I have access to software only on that VM like all the EMR transcription tools and etc. Our outlook is setup on this VM and not my standard desktop. So maybe he is right. but also if whatever movalwebmaster is saying about the static IP is correct then should still work. Basically i need to be connected to this VM in order for me to access the outlook. maybe i should see if i can connect to exchange server from the standard desktop.i have not tried it and i dont know if it will work or not. but i know that when the physicians are rounding the hospitals they take their laptops with them and they access Mysis, (the VM) from the hospitals wifi and they can do all their work while on the go. maybe this can clear this up. ill see if i can get it to work from home but since i am on a mac i dont think this will be possible unless i can find an app similar to outlook designed for the specific task of connecting to exchange. thanks everyone.
    2008-07-23 02:00 AM
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    See if you can do it from home, if not. Its a closed network.
    2008-07-23 05:06 AM
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    It's because your IT guy hasn't turned on ActiveSync (RPC-over-HTTPS) on the Exchange 2003 server.
    If you're still running Exchange 2000 then you're SOL.
    Neither of you would have anything to do with IT at any company I run.
    I can't believe they let you near sick people.
    2008-07-23 06:03 AM
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    haha damn... Well he seems smart enough.. He was at med school while you were playing doom and eating hot pockets.
    2008-07-23 06:10 AM
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    ^^Hey smart guy, theres alot of reasons for that...security being a big one. And you just said THE SAME THING I DID....in different words.

    I have done IT, I used to develop NOC's (Network Operations Centers) for companies as well as LAN admin crap.

    Look kids, we are all here to help each other out, if you want to bash someone....see how long you last.
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    2008-07-23 06:12 AM
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    also something i forgot to mention earlier, and by reading you reply, when connecting the vm, and checking your outlook mail, go into accounts, and then edit the default account, dont actually change anything, but then you should be able to see the smtp and pop3 settings, hopefully if you copy it correctly from the computer to ur iphone then all should work right? im no IT pro, but from my standpoint that looks like the best solution, otherwise, as said before, its a closed network and youll be SOL
    2008-07-23 12:10 PM
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    Well I was in the same boat. I asked our IT dept. and they of course said that it can't be done. It can. I work for a huge international company with 10,000+ employees and we're running Exchange 2003. Here are the steps that worked for me.

    1.) Open a new exchange

    2.) enter your work email address ([email protected] or whatever your main email address is)

    3.) enter your username (this would be what you use to login to say, webmail). Here you may need to enter the domain as well so it may have to be company/username. At some companies the username is different than the email (it's not first.last, its like first letter, last name eg: flast or something else)

    4.) Now you may experience an error but will have the option to "accept" ... just accept.

    5.) On the next screen go to the server address and you might see an example showing exchange.company.com ... you can try that, or many companies use just mail.company.com. If you login to exchange through webmail you will know what to put (eg: https://exchange.company.com you would put exchange.company.com without the https:// of course.

    Good luck, report back!

    Oh geez, one more thing.

    If you only use email and not calendars or contacts then turn them off! (The little sliders, you'll see them). Also if you use .mac/MobileMe then don't try to use an exchange server. It will override your MobileMe stuff. It's one or the other.

    Ridiculous you say? Oh, I know. Apple does so many amazing things but I still can't have my personal and work email on my iPhone..
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    2008-07-23 07:14 PM