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    Hey guys, This is a strange request but I was wondering if there was a way to purposely brick my 3g iPhone. I just bought one and there is very small scratch on the screen that is obviously a manufacture defect. I am not able to return it because of that scratch. I was wondering if there was something that I could do so I could brick it so I would have a reason to return it. I think that it is so unfair that mine came with a defect. I kept my original iPhone in perfect condition so this makes me so furious.

    Thanks for anyone that helps.
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    2008-07-23 05:29 AM
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    Not sure about purposely bricking it...but if that was a manufacturer's defect, why would Apple not honor your warranty??
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    2008-07-23 05:37 AM
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    I don't know. The guy was kind of a ***** to me also. I am not sure what his problem was. it almost looks like there is something inside the glass it is very strange. When I took it there they said there was nothing they could do. That is why I want to brick it.
    2008-07-23 05:58 AM
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    go to you local marshall and buy a cheap (car) ipod charger, and plug it to your car for 3 hours...it's either going to mess you battery life or as you plug it, it will shut off...


    go back to apple and returned the iphone you have till the 25 of july,(that' s if we are taking about iphone 3g..they will charge you 10% for opening your case.

    you really didn't hear this from me...cough.cough*& good luck
    2008-07-23 06:18 AM
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    Screw that....if it was me, I would be raising total h$&* until I got another one.
    2008-07-23 06:21 AM
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    they will charge me 10% to get a new one?? what the hell.
    2008-07-23 06:35 AM
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    Dude, when I got the 1st gen mine came with a very small bubble under the display and I took it up there and the apple guy was like ya that would bug me too, here's a new one. So you should just take it to another apple store maybe that guy was just PMSing
    2008-07-23 07:00 AM
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    Stick it in the microwave on High for 5 seconds. Problem solved.
    2008-07-23 07:01 AM
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    ahh microwave no that would be a good youtube video. it might blow up.
    2008-07-23 07:08 AM
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    I had a mate do it with his 1st gen, went back to apple store said it wouldn't turn on, they tried to get it to work but no joy, handed him a new 1.
    2008-07-23 07:39 AM
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    I strongly do NOT suggest bricking your phone (just for the sake of how nice it is), sell it before you do that.. keep in mind they might not replace it even after you brick it (esp if the guy is so stuck up and still working there). If you can't get service from your local Apple Store, call up Apple's Support line and try to get a replacement (you can mention that you were refused at the store, rant, mention you heard your friends out of town got theirs replaced at OTHER store locations with the same problem of debris stuck "IN THE SCREEN", discrimination and blah blah blah).

    Every time you bring it to the store, you run the risk of the genius denying your request. For my situation, I was denied despite writing a 2 page article discovering the flaw in many phones and a guy right next to me with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. They gave me NOTHING IN WRITING and was BS'ing around with me the entire time since I knew I still had my warranty attached on it. I even printed the full warranty agreement from their website in hand with everything in my favor, even contacted an AT&T support guy over the phone that was pointing the finger basically back at Apple telling them to replace it, they still refused. When I kept asking for something IN WRITING for why they were denying me, but they just brought out a guy from the back to explain it to me like a child. I left the store pissed, canceling my resellers contract with Apple next morning as well as my AT&T contract and went fully unlocked/jailbroken, joining the revolution in the process.

    The morale of the story, Apple Geniuses sometimes B.S. with customers if you get the wrong one. This is how Apple treats customers sadly in alot of places, but if your lucky, they don't. If they're gonna make up rules and do what they feel like, screw them, find your own way! I wish you luck man.
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    Definitely sell if off or take it to a different store or different employee. For all that money spent on that phone, I would for sure raise some h*&% if they didn't give me a new one.
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    2008-07-23 08:50 AM