1. alias_neo's Avatar
    Hey guys, finally got my iPhone, been waiting for it's delivery since Dec 13th, somehow it took it 3 weeks to get across the north atlantic.I Guess it swam.

    Anyway, got the little beauty out and had a play, plugged it in to charge. Got itunes and installed... oh wait, jumping ahead of myself, got itunes, tried to install, doesn't work. No 64 bit compatability.

    So, the question lies, is there any manual method of syncing my music to the phone? Is there somewhere in the filesystem that I can copy my tracks manually so that the ipod app will recognise the music? Do I need to manually add them to a database? Anything would be great, unfortunately I don't have a single 32bit OS and no Mac.

    Any info appreciated, thanks.
    2008-01-12 07:46 PM
  2. Curve's Avatar
    I recently upgraded to vista 64 from xp 32, I've googles for the past 4 days I'm looking for a manual way too or a diff way to manage the phone, maybe a new mp3 player that uses aspecific directory?
    2008-01-13 03:29 PM