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    I hav a problem with a wifi connection to my iphone. Basically i have an enthernet connection to the internet (a corporate network). I want to share this connection over the ad hoc wifi in order to access internet. A router isnot an option. I have tried bridging the network but this does not seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas?
    2008-01-13 08:49 PM
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    Hi Alick,

    Try checking out my posts here: http://www.modmyi.com/forums/showthr...ht=laptop+wifi

    This is how I share my connection via adhoc.

    Amazing really and no extra charges.

    May be an option for you, if not, well all the best
    2008-01-13 11:11 PM
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    thanks for your reply am trying it now... will post....

    thanks so much. I have just done it and there has been improvement. However i am still no all the way there. I have to sign in as a securely with my iphone on an ecrypted network. I have typed in the server, port, username and password credentials but now when i open safari it asks for details to access google therfeore i type in the details again but they arent accepted and it just asks me for them again.

    do you have any more ideas?
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    2008-01-14 04:36 PM
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    if my network requiresyou to register a mac address would this matter ( as essentially im connecting through my pc which shouldnt matter) could this matter?
    2008-01-15 06:17 PM