1. chochard's Avatar
    When i turned my phone on i couldnt do anyting in the applications. i could select the app and go into it but its frozen on everything..also when i try to lock it, the screen dulls and clock dissapears but the backlight is still on. im pretty sure these problems are related...

    if anyone knows anything i would appreciate it if they could help.

    btw i have turned my phone on and off and done a hard reset a few times..
    2008-07-24 05:09 PM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    did you recently install kate?

    1. if you have a killspring/respring type of application installed, launch it to restart your springboard and that will fix the problem temporarily
    2. if you dont' have one of those applications installed but have ssh set to open upon restarting the phone, use that to install killspring or respring manually and follow launch application
    3. restore
    2008-07-24 05:58 PM