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    MacWorld Expo's Highlights tomorrow seem to have been leaked. My main features to note are the 16gig($499) iPhone being available tomorrow or possibly this week(according to the leak in the keynote; its tomorrow.) Also iChat! That I will definately enjoy. No word on cut/copy/paste. Also a new iTunes @ 7.6. iPhone in Japan going to NTT DoCoMo. And also unfortunately wireless updating!? Dont get caught out there by accident.

    ::::My Thoughts:::
    Nothing to be jealous about yet until we can unlock 1.13 then no one needs to cry over a 16gig iPhone. Thats about it. iChat...yea yea...ok but not as serious as cut n paste.
    None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
    2008-01-14 04:15 PM