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    I have a new problem all of a sudden with Safari. I launch it, it opens the window, no url, blank window, no buttons are responsive, not new window or even bookmarks. After a minute or so, it quits back to the springboard. At the time this problem emerged, I hadn't even used or changed anything. It was just on, and in my pocket.

    I have seen this problem once before, after I had restored. The backup that iTunes makes saved Safari in this state, so I couldn't even launch Safari to go to jailbreakme.com. I had to restore, then set up as a new iPhone, to bypass the corrupted save state that the last sync was in. Had to set up everything from scratch.

    My question is, is there a file I can delete or change, that will set Safari back to it's clean, "virgin" state. I'm thinking some file that determines whether Safari works or not is corrupted, and deleting or replacing that file, or a set of preference files, will set it back to normal...

    Thanks for your help...

    2008-01-14 08:01 PM