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    ok so i had a week 47 iphone which i used in a ipod stereo, needless to say it fried my circuit board so i took it to apple and told them lies. they gave me a new phone! the phone they gave me was activated already and wasnt in a normal iphone box, it was an iphone they had specifically to give to a customer who had a bad iphone.. it was fully charged and all. i figured hey! if its already activated on 1.1.2, ill stick my t-mobile sim in with my stealthsim to see if it works, or if i have to go thru the whole process of jailbreaking it again. well, it worked and i got service, but then when i plug it into itunes it says "there is no carrier that supports the installed SIM card in the iPhone".. am i going to have to jailbreak after all or what? im at work now, ill check this thread again in 4 hours, thanks in advance!
    2008-01-14 10:46 PM
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    Wow thats a crazy story. Sorry man I can't help you...

    Well... Try putting in the AT&T sim only and plugging into iTunes...maybe you're going to need to have to do that every time you sync? Iunno though, you're treading on new ground!
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    2008-01-15 01:24 AM
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    i dont have that sim anymore... BAH this sucks
    2008-01-15 03:11 AM