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    I took the info concerning the iPhone. I am presently with At&T without contract. I explained the salesman that I was interested to buy the iPhone 3G with a 3 years contract, with my actual fixed rate, WITHOUT DATA, because I want to only use the Wi-Fi spot.
    The problem is that the salesman says I must take the DATA cause even if the 3G service is deactivated on the iphone, and I try using the WI-FI installed at home, it wont work. AT&T will be the network connecting to my iphone automatically( not the 3G because I desactivate it on the iPhone), and itd be very expensive. How could I be completely sure that Intenet works with the WI-FI only and not with the 3G service or AT&T to avoid extreme monthly bills.
    Is there any way on the iPhone to be complety sure that the AT&T network will not run!
    Thank you!
    2008-07-25 04:50 AM
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    you have to sign up for ATT's iphone plan when you purchase the iphone with a 2 year contract extension, not 3 years. not sure why your wifi isn't working
    2008-07-25 04:54 AM
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    Well, you can start by switching the 3g option off in the settings>network. Then when you go into Wifi you should see your home network listed. Once connected to your home network you can see a Wifi icon in the upper left corner just to the right of the AT&T carrier name. When browsing the net or passing data through the iPhone as long as that is there then you are good.
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    2008-07-25 08:12 AM