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    I just got done reading an article about Apple and AT&T. Apparently they are in the process of testing a beta version of 2.1 firmware. They're saying that its a firmware that should fix some of the bugs in 2.0, and also provide cardinal direction for the GPS and background push notification. Now, all that does sound great and all. But my question is about Cydia. Will it have to be redone again to be compatible with the new 2.1 firmware that's apparently due in September? In a way, I think I already have an answer to that question. Looking back at Installer, there were different jailbreaks for each of the firmwares. So, I guess what I'm really doing or saying here is, "heads-up, there's a new firmware coming our way!"
    I'd like to say thank you to all the hard working developers out there. You guys definately make owning an iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod touch really enjoyable! I hope to see many great things poppin' in Cydia. I get really excited everytime I see an update. It's like Christmas everytime! LoL. Again thanks, we all appreciate the hard work.

    Here's the link to the article about 2.1:

    AppleInsider | Apple seeds iPhone 2.1 with directional GPS, push notification
    2008-07-25 08:25 AM
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    cydia should be fine and an update just means we have to wait a few days or hours to get a jailbreak. The devs are the shiot. They do mske the iphone actually worth having
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2008-07-25 01:27 PM
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    Cool. I think everyone will be happy soon once Apple puts out the 2.1 firmware. That's if what they say is true about 2.1. If not, there are gonna be some ticked off people. But by far, the iPhone/iPhone 3G is passing everyone up in the mobile business. And I personally think the only rival to the iPhone is the HTC Diamond. That lil phone packs a bang too. But, I still prefer OS on iPhone over the Diamond's WM 6.1. I've been Apple/Mac happy since September 2007!
    2008-07-26 10:04 AM

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