1. MalayZN's Avatar
    So got a small problem with my phone that happens randomly.
    Every once in a while usually happens once a week. I wake my iphone then sleep it quickly to check the time. I'm assuming lots of ppl do this.
    But ya after I sleep it it will not wake whether I press the home button or the sleep button. The only thing I am able to do it restart it then it goes back to normal. Any idea? I probably won't restore it till 1.1.3 is unlocked.

    I'm running 1.1.1 right now

    My second question is I enabled the international keyboard by modding the file and setting international to true. It's great since I text in Japanese. But I got a question is this featured enabled in 1.1.2 or 1.1.3?
    This is quite important to me to be able to text or write in japanese.
    Well if anyone is using it on 1.1.2 please tell me thanks. I know not many are using 1.1.3....... so can't really expect a quick reply.
    2008-01-16 08:29 PM