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    I recently used WinPwn to Jailbreak my iphone (2G) and it all went perfectly but one thing. My phone keeps vibrating every minute or so, it really is annoying does anyone know a fix? it wasnt doing this before i jailbreaked.... any help is appreciated.
    2008-07-26 07:01 AM
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    heres an update on my situation, one more thing that i found out. i ended up doing a restore and it all went perfect and it wasnt vibrating anymore i had it for the whole day without a problem until i decided to use cydia today. When i opened up cydia and it asked me to install the essential upgrades i clicked upgrade and i installed 2 games, quake4iphone and macman. After that finished i closed it up and turned off my phone and then i turned it on and then the constant vibrations started again. idk if that will help anyone help me solve my problem but i dont know what to do. oh i also uninstalled quake4iphone and macman and it stil is vibrating at the moment, is it something with cydia? am i supposed to edit something on cydia? again any help is greatly appreciated
    2008-07-27 07:09 PM