1. 5h00p3r_MAN's Avatar
    I dropped my iPhone, and by drop, I mean I tripped and fell on my iPhone which was in my pocket and crushed it against the cement.

    Now, it won't turn on. I plugged it in, and the computer recognized it and all that, and iTunes. However, iTunes won't display the songs it has, but does show memory usage. Right now, my phone screen is completely black, and won't turn on. People get a "Phone turned off msg" when they try to call. And another weird thing: My iPhone's name was randomly changed to Mikey's Phone, and I don't know who the hell Mikey is.

    Also, I accidently dropped it again, and then it worked again, and I rebooted it. It worked for a good 5 minutes, then resumed its current vegetable state.

    Any suggestions?
    2008-07-27 08:05 PM
  2. ASar08's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I think you have damaged your phone. You may have no choice buy to take it back to apple for repair, or find someone else who does repairs on iPhones. I don't think you will fix this problem yourself.
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    2008-07-27 08:41 PM
  3. tyfly867's Avatar
    if you cant get it to turn on, call apple and claim ignorance and maybe they will help you out if it is under warranty. Just a suggestion.
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    iPhone? More like TyPhone
    2008-07-27 11:41 PM
  4. mikey08's Avatar
    BTW im Mikey lol
    2008-07-27 11:51 PM
  5. 5h00p3r_MAN's Avatar
    Well...that really sucks for me. Damn it. I guess...I'll go and buy the 3G Phone. How is it? Or are the original iPhones about the same?

    I bought this phone in Canada, off eBay, so definitely no chance of getting a warranty...
    2008-07-28 04:38 AM
  6. xwinger's Avatar
    WOW THATS WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!

    2 weeks ago i plugged in my ipod touch and it said Mikey's iPhone! wtf?!?!?!

    i recently had jailbroke my friend named micheal's ipod so i thought thats how it messed up.

    WTF is this mikey buisness?
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    I am not a jailbreak n00b
    I like to drink iPhoneahol...
    Circa 2008
    2008-07-28 08:17 AM
  7. theevilone's Avatar
    take in to apple and tell them you need a free replacement because it was ran over by an apple truck. the only thing I see diffrent about 3g is 3g and a cheap plastic back.

    when I reformated my hd, the first time I plugged into itunes the iphone name was mikeys iphone. I quickly changed it.
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    2008-07-28 08:55 AM
  8. xwinger's Avatar
    so it turns out spikeymikey made the youtube fix 1.1.x and some of his personal settings got packaged with the fix so thats where the name mikey comes from
    I am not a jailbreak n00b
    I like to drink iPhoneahol...
    Circa 2008
    2008-07-28 08:56 AM
  9. y0haan's Avatar
    Dude, there is a year warranty for these iphones. So, there should be no questions asked, they will just give you another iPhone.. But you have to try and restore it back to factory. Just tell them its in a vegetable state & you tried to restore but no luck
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    2008-07-28 09:01 AM
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