1. johentie's Avatar
    hey guys.
    I have been searching for answers on this forum it all the related topics do not answer my problem.

    My friend can turn on wifi and it detects networks and it connects to them cause I get a check Mai, it even shows my signal strength. BUT I get no ip or network info andy edge icon does not change to the wifi icon. When I open any webapp it says edge is not enabled. The wifi is still connected though. Its weird. I tried resetting networks but nothing.

    Any ideas? They have 1.0.2 firmware and unlocked on fido. I have the same firmware so I know it still works.

    Thanks in advance.
    2008-01-18 07:18 AM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    Is your router seeing your iphone?
    2008-01-18 08:40 AM
  3. johentie's Avatar
    well i was trying it a coffee shop and they had free wifi..

    the phone saw the network "Demetre Coffee" i touched it and i got the loading icon and finally a check mark.

    but when i touched the blue arrow to see details there were none.

    I couldn't check the router but maybe i should take it from them and try it out at home..

    then see if the router see's the phone..
    2008-01-18 04:03 PM