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    Hi There!

    I was using my first gen. iphone without any errors. Suddenly a day, i lost my wifi, so my phone cant find any wifi network now. This is not the typical gray wifi problem. When i go into settings, then wi-fi, then i choose "on" the choose a network has appearing with the little circle animation next to it. But this little "circle" is only visible for about 1 sec:S then is nothing.... I can press the "other" button then i can add manually the wifi datas, but it wont find it:S I couldnt find a solution or anything about this problem..

    When i enter into about menu, there it says the wifi address, so it seems to me it should work:S

    I am thinking about maybe this should be a hardware this case can somebody repair it? or iphone can only be repaired at the shop? this is a big problem cause (as usual) i bought it in the states, and i living in the eu..:S

    so plz..any idea?


    2008-07-28 11:21 AM

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