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    i have found (after 9 hours of searching) a way to acheive the "push" calendar, contact experience. However the mail is still being worked on... but the company plans to add that feature VERY soon... so this is to get you started!

    First you will need to sign on:


    nice.. now login to NuevaSync and change the "Sync Calendars with" and "Sync Contacts with" options to GOOGLE (leave EMAIL and TASKS disabled for now )

    It SHOULD look like this
    (note this image was taken from Skitch.com > beau > NuevaSync (Beta) : status. it is not mine i am simply recreating the guide to fix the bugs that i had which the guide i followed had)

    now after verifying your account you will need to open settings.app> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Add Account> microsoft exchange

    1. Under Email Put the Account you registered to neuvasync with (ur gmail hopefully if u read the title :P)

    2. For Username put the username u registered to NuevaSync with, then for password put the "PASSWORD" your registered to NuevaSync with

    3. Tap Next and wait a couple of minutes while it does its thing...

    4. On the next screen put "www.nuevasync.com" as your server (no "")

    5. Now tap save and on the next screen DISABLE mail and ENABLE contacts/calendar

    voila! now you have push gCal and push gContacts
    and an imap gmail at every 15 mins (push coming soon)

    Bugs :

    1. google contacts does not support 2+ contacts with the same email so one gets deleted at sync ? :'(
    2. Google doesnt allow a contact without an email, they get deleted .. weirddddd! so to fix this problem i apply a lil humor.. if i have a friend named "Harry" who doesnt have an email, i would enter :
    [email protected] ... it seems to fix it
    4. Most annoying bug: NuevaSync automatically syncs google suggested contacts which are the most rubbish things on earth! so i just sign into google everytime i send a mail to clear "suggested contacts".. its worth it trust me... (better than paying 99 bucks)
    3. Multiple Google Calendar Support Coming Soon!!!!

    Clinching the MobileMe Experience: Bringing it to the desktop!

    Note the following parts are OSX only... but it can be done with windows.. no other sites i looked at regarding this topic knew anything about a calendar syncing software for the desktop that was free.. but dont worry i found one that works great..

    Continuing the Guide:

    1. Open AddressBook and open preferences.. see the google synching goodness on the bottom? click it and add your details!... but heres the kicker! It wont sync!. So to fix this you need to open a yahoo account and add that as well! (just make a free yahoo and never use it) dont worry it wont ever bug you again!)

    2. Ok now that youve entered your blank yahoo and google account details open iSync and open preferences and select "show status in menu bar"

    3. Close iSync and on the menu bar select "Sync Now"... wait for it... done!

    4. Now this part took me hours! the calendar! ok you will need a magical program called "CalGoo" its the only free one with a good GUI.

    Sign up here: Calgoo Connect - Calendar Sync Software
    Download the program for your corresponding OS here:
    Calgoo Connect - Calendar Sync Software

    5. Open iCal and make yourself a calendar (too simple to explain). run CalGoo and follow its instructions! very simple really .. add your Google Account and iCal .. etc .. DONE! CalGoo can sync once every 5 minutes at most.. (thats good 4 me)

    6. Welcome, Youve got Push! So whenever you add an even on ical it syncs to iphone almost immediately, and to your gCal and it happens the same all ways! same thing with address book!

    *bows head*
    warning: this does effect battery life like all push services

    1. gmail has to be manually setup as imap for now.. the day nuevasync releases push gmail support i will inform u and you will just have to toggle the mail on in settings.. so to wrap it up

    2008-07-28 01:00 PM