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    Well I read a while back that Flash Lite on the iPhone had been ported over (in a limited sense). So what I want to know is are the guys that made their roc concert app work working on a plugin or, an app that when you click on the blue question mark where flash content is, opens it within an external app and plays it (like tapping a youtube link). It would be a great shame if they just gave up after only making some fairly useless mini app work, giving that I guess flash would be the number one thing most people would want. Games would be too much to ask but actual youtube pages that work and online cartoons or other streaming video (for example, the less restrictive MegaVideo) would be wonderful. So I just wondered if they were woring on it or if they weren't, if they would at least release the source code so someone could make something of it?
    What do you guys think?
    2008-07-29 12:38 PM