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    I tried to install iblacklist, when I rebooted (it asked me to) my phone took ages to come of the apple logo before booting in verbose (I set the iphone ages ago to boot verbose for speed). Instead of the phone booting into verbose for about 15seconds it takes about 10mins, then lots of text scrolling, and eventually reboots and happens again, it says the follwing things often… :

    springboard respawning to quickly
    Springboard thortling?
    Ready to start usb stack … then it begins to vibrate asiv I have a text (I have sms notify so it vibrates a lot)
    After about 5mins, lots of text runs down the screen, for about a min, then flashes, and reboots to apple logo

    Does this mean that part of the phone has loaded? (the vibration from txt) So I can ssh into the phone and backup things?

    I am going to update to 2.0, but my installer sources I want, I remember awhile back you could add sources of installer to custom ispws… if I can manige to get into phone, where are my sources?
    Is there anyway to stop this really long rebooting loop?

    Firstly I am at work, so cannot try SSH yet.

    Please any help welcome,


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    your best bet is probably to put into DFU and restore
    2008-07-29 09:04 PM