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  1. Selayan's Avatar
    I have been on Ebay for the past 4 days trying to get an iphone but I keep getting screwed over. Talk about deals, some guy got one for about $370 or so shipped. I have been trying to do the same but no luck at all! People are either crazy to spend 50 bucks extra over retail or sometimes up to 100 over for a new iphone. Any other websites that anyone knows of?
    2008-01-21 03:09 PM
  2. stlcaddie's Avatar
    Try if your in the states.....that way hopefully somebody is in your area so you can pick it up instead of delivery charges and so you don't get F%^ked.
    2008-01-21 03:18 PM
  3. Selayan's Avatar
    Yeh Craigslist is good. I have been on there as well. The reason I won't just get it from Apple is because they don't have the 1.1.2 versions any more. I want to jailbreak it and activate without itunes and the data plan. Ebay is kind of nuts for these things! Really useless unless you don't buy the newest electronics.
    2008-01-21 04:59 PM
  4. subway999's Avatar
    1.1.3 has been out for less than a week

    I find it hard to believe that you will be unable to find a 1.1.2 OTB phone in a Apple Store or AT&T store

    When I was in NYC in December the week numbers were 47-50 that means you have about two weeks to buy an Iphone

    Unless your in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't trust Ebay or other 2nd hand sites

    Also what about ordering the phone online from Apple/AT&T?

    As long as the phone remains sealed you will not be charged a restocking fee

    You would be extremely unlucky to purchase a 1.1.3 OTB
    2008-01-21 05:23 PM
  5. Selayan's Avatar
    I was going to get one from Apple but they would not let me see the firmware version or the serial number. If worst comes to worst I will probably buy online from Apple. Not really ready to pay 400+tax yet..if I know that some people have gotten them new for about 370 or so.
    2008-01-21 05:52 PM