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    i have been having a problem with my slide to unlock on my iphone. it wont respond to my touch at all so i was unable to get to the main screen. after several restores still could not get slide to unlock to actual respond to my touch. since i didnt want to resync anything to my iphone or sync previous backups(i have nothing downloaded to my phone anyways) i just cancelled the sync option and unpluged my phone. after a few minutes or so i connected back to itunes and this time i decided to back up and sync previous content just to see what it would do since i didnt have any thing of importance on my phone. it ran for a few seconds and when it got done it actually put me at the main screen of the phone. i was happy!! but of course no touch function on that screen either. so im off to buy a new screen.
    someone may find this useful(if you didnt already know about it) if your slide to unlock is not working or not responding try this.
    btw i have itunes 7.5
    sorry if this has been discussed previously in another thread
    im using f/w 1.0.2
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    did u select 'setup as new iphone' after the restore?

    If that doesn't work its probably a hardware issue. Dont take it to the At&t store, take it to an Apple store (make an appointment!) and they will swap it out for a new one. They swapped mine once for an unresponsive home button, and once for a hairline crack in the screen. Didn't cost me a dime.

    AT&T said go to hell
    2008-01-23 07:52 AM
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    i had the option to set up as a new phone or restore previous backup. i chose previous backup.
    i cant take it to apple and get a replacement because i got a small amount of water in the headphone jack and i have already taken my phone apart and put it back together
    i believe the water damaged the sensor on the digitizer. sucks 4 me..lol
    2008-01-23 07:57 AM