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    Hello everybody, was reading all over the site and tried many things but still no sucess.

    My 1.1.1OTB iphone jailbroken and unlocked worked perfect for 2-3 months, until yesterday when all of a sudden WiFi scans couldn't find any networks...

    Now I tried rebooting, Resting Network settings, and even did a 1.1.1 restore. nothing worked. somebody suggusted that since my bootloader is 3.9 i could update to 1.1.3 (with new baseband) and downgrade back to 1.1.1 or 1.0.2 and downgrade the baseband aswell.

    I tried this with no sucess. I made sure i had all the correct files (ieraser, bbupdater, eep fls, secpack) when erasing and updating to the older baseband. None of these upgrades/downgrades worked to bring WiFi back.

    Now im stuck with no WiFi it just looks for the networks but finds NOTHING. should i try updating to 1.1.3 again and retry the baseband downgrading process or what?

    any ideas would be great! thanks alot!!!

    asked all over irc and other forums NOBODY KNOWS!

    i even tried to update again to 1.1.3 and the nEW BB and downgraded it again to 1.0.2 and the 03.14.08 BB
    still no luck!

    please help! any help is welcome!
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    2008-01-23 11:16 PM
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    Sounds like a hardware problem. Even if its not... who cares, get a free iPhone. Just restore to 1.1.3 and be like... yeah so wifi stopped working. They'll look at it, and give you a new one. Yay
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    2008-01-24 03:24 AM
  3. ashmonie's Avatar
    lol thanks alot for your reply,

    i wish i could just walk into an apple store and do that but the problem is im in toronto, canada.. which means id have to go down to the states with no gaurantee to get a new one right? ahh well looks like im screwed, since no baseband upgrading/downgrading nor firmware changes does anything, i have virginized and seems like tried everything.....no idea what to do now......
    2008-01-26 08:44 AM
  4. nis's Avatar
    I have got the same problem but on 1.1.4 - suddenly it stopped finding any wifi networks, it searches for them for about 1 second and stops. Also battery started draining very fast in the same moment. I am going mad!
    2008-06-10 07:32 PM
  5. rbranston's Avatar
    has anyone ever fixed this issue. I had a 2G iPhone on 1.1.4 that stopped finding wifi after 1 min. Once in awhile it will find the wifi and I can join and sometimes not join. Mostly does not work. I have restored and reinstalled and even upgraded to 2.1 and still no luck. i tried the youtube thing but did not work.

    any help is appreciated
    2008-10-07 01:19 PM
  6. kchociej's Avatar
    I was at Panera yesterday & the wifi signal bars that I've almost forgotten all about magically appeared. I was connected for a good 45 minutes before I went to my car to get my headphones. When I came back in, even after rebooting...wifi was nowhere to be found. I felt used.

    I've got a 2G 2.1 unlocked with tmobile. I sort of accepted defeat when wifi couldn't be fixed with the new unlocked fw.

    Does anyone know what's going on with getting it back or is everyone screwed for the time being still? Edge works great for me but I'm in wifi hot spots at work, school & my 2nd home...Panera, so I could be running everything quicker and this tricking phone is my crack addiction!
    2008-10-07 04:56 PM
  7. one1's Avatar
    Every now and then the wires running to the antenna inside the iPhone will regain connectivity for a short bit after they fail. Still the result is the same.... you need to replace the antenna wires.

    They are like $15-$20 shipped from ebay, but you have to open the phone and use a soldering iron as well as be good at working with micro electronics. I've been doing such small repairs for a few members lately and will try to help if anyone needs assistance.
    2008-10-08 04:09 AM