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    I'm currently looking into purchasing a new iPhone 3G... my only consern is that if i have to transfer my data at the Apple store, will they get pi**ed that i jailbroke my 1st Gen iPhone and not activate the new one. I'm a current ATT customer and just need to switch the sims over I guess... I guess my questions are 1. Do i need to bring my old iphone to the apple store for the switch and 2. How much will it be to get the iPhone as an early upgrade ( im not eleagble yet ).
    Thanks in advance!
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    2008-08-01 09:12 AM
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    if you have the iphone 1st gen currently you will get the 199 and 299 price no matter what as long as you have the iphone plan and its a legit activation. most workers at ATT dont care if you have modded your phone since they dont have to deal with repairs and warranty problems.
    If you decide to get it and they are in stock then all they do is deactivate your current sim and activate the new iphone in store. you then take it home and sync it or mod then sync it =] you wont even need to show them your phone. they wont switch the phones either unless you bought it after may 31 or something like that
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    2008-08-01 09:34 AM
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    hey man thanks a ton! that clarified a TON of my questions! Thanks!
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    2008-08-01 09:39 AM